As of Nov 2007

Course Number

Course Name

2008-2009 Prerequisites

2008-2009 Co-requisites

CE 110/110L (Formerly CE 210/210L)Computers in Civil Engineering MAT 105
CE 122Introduction to Civil Engineering  
CE 127/127LCAD IMPT* or CE 110/110LC- or better in MAT 105 and MAT 106
CE 128LCAD IICE 127/127L 
CE 134/134LElementary Surveying CE128/L or ETC 130/L, and MAT 114 or MAT 130
CE 220/220LAdvanced SurveyingCE 134/134L 
CE 222/222LHighway EngineeringCE 220/220L 
CE 223/223LTransportation EngineeringCE 222/222L 
CE 240Surveying ComputationsCE 220, C- or better in either MAT 216 or MAT 224, and either CE 110/L or MPT* 
CE 301Technological EconomicsCompletion of Area A GE requirements, or IGE 122 
CE 303/303AProgramming & Numerical MethodsC- or better in either MAT 216 or MAT 224, and either,CE 110 or MPT* 
CE 304Structural Analysis IENG 104, C- or better in ME 218, C- or better in either MAT 216 or MAT 224 
CE 305Structural Analysis IICE 304, and either CE 303 or CE 240 
CE 306LStructural Testing LabCE 305 
CE 311/311LGeodesy and Satellite SurveyingCE 134/134L, and either CE 240 or CE 303 
CE 313Land Survey DescriptionsCE 134 
CE 325Geotechnical Engineering IENG 104, C- or better in ME 218, C- or better in either MAT 216 or MAT 224 
CE 326Geotechnical Engineering IICE 325 
CE 327LGeotechnical Engineering LabCE 326 
CE 331Public Land SurveysCE 134/134L 
CE 332/332LHydraulic EngineeringME 311, C- or better in MAT 216 or MAT 224 
CE 351/351LEnvironmental Resource SystemsCE 110 or MPT* 
CE 362/362ATechnical CommunicationCompletion of Area A GE requirements or IGE 122, and MPT* or CE 110/L 
CE 406Structural Design – SteelCE305 
CE 420 / 420LDigital Mapping/LabCE 134/134L 
CE 421Structural Design – Reinf. ConcreteCE 305CE 422L
CE 422LConcrete Testing LaboratoryCE 305CE 421
CE 424Foundation & Retaining Wall DesignCE 326CE 421
CE 427/427LPhotogrammetryCE 134/134L, and either CE 240 or CE 303 
CE 428/428LUrban TransportationCE 223/223L 
CE 429/429LTraffic EngineeringCE 222/222L 
CE 431/431LWater SupplyCE 332/332L, CHM121 
CE 432/432LWater QualityCE 431/431L 
CE 433/433LStructural Design – TimberCE 304 
CE 434/434LIndustrial WastesCE 432/432L  
CE 437/437LSlope Stability & Earth DamsCE 326 
CE 442Masonry DesignCE 421 
CE 445Earthquake EngineeringCE 406 or CE 421 
CE 451/451LEngineering HydrologyCE 332/332L 
CE 456/456LGroundwaterCE 325, CE 332/332L 
CE 457Solid Waste ManagementCE 351, CE 110 or MPT* 
CE 476Bridge DesignCE 406 or CE 421 
CE 480/480LAdvanced Highway DesignCE 222/222L 
CE 482/482LSubdivision DesignCE 223/223L 
CE 484/484LDesign of GISCE 134/134L 
CE 488Computer Methods of Structural Anal.CE 305 
CE 491/492/493Comprehensive CE DesignPrereq for CE 491: CE 301, CE 305, CE 332, CE 362 

* MPT indicates a passing score on the microcomputer proficiency test