First Things First

If you are not doing well academically the first step is to take an honest examination of why. This may not be fun, but it is critical. There are many reasons a student may be performing poorly. When I ask students why they did poorly in a class, the most common answer I get is “I guess I didn’t study enough,” or something similar. The question I always ask is “why didn’t you study enough.” Very seldom is the issue that there just weren’t enough hours in the day. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it is an issue of prioritizing work, play, and study.

The vast majority of students who fail academically actually have the intellectual capacity to be successful. What they are missing are the planning and study skills needed for success.

I recommend all my advisees go to Prof Rosenkrantz “How to Study Math, Science and Engineering” site. The first thing to do is take the Math Self Study Survey. This will help you answer the question “why am I not performing well.”

Grades & GPA

This link explains how your GPA is computed and provides rules for Academic Probation & Disenrollment.

Grade Point Calculator

This is a great web tool that can be used to compute what you need to do to raise your grade point to a given level. Very important for those trying to get off of academic probation.