First things first

Everytime you come to visit your advisor you must bring 3 things

  • A copy of you current unofficial transcript printed from BroncoDirect
  • Your current curriculum flow sheet filled out and up to date (use pencil, things change)
  • Curriculum plan up to date.

If you’re on academic probation you must also bring a copy of you current Academic Advising Worksheet (AAW).

Advising Resources

The jump to a four-year university can be a big one. This section helps you plan your future within the Cal Poly Pomona Civil Engineering Program.

“Help! I’m in academic trouble”

If you are in academic trouble, you have run to the right spot. This section provides you links to improving your planning and study skills needed for success, GPA calculator, and rules for Academic Probation and Disenrollment.

Learning Resources

Provides you information to the various resources around campus and tips to help you succeed in college.


A one stop shop for forms pertaining to student advising.